A Poem

This is a poem I wrote for one of our families who made the courageous decision to let nature take its course.


Whispers in the Darkness


I have never heard you cry.

I have never heard you laugh.

I have never heard you burble or burp or coo

And yet you have spoken to me as few ever have

The light of your soul burns brightly

It has a force – a quiet radiance – that can’t be ignored

You have spoken

I have listened


I looked to your parents

Trying to find the right words…

Feeling powerless

Words of comfort, encouragement, and sympathy sounding hollow in my ears

Words failed me


But you have spoken for me, relieving me of my burden

You spoke to them of strength, of faith, of acceptance

I watched your silent dialogue and saw you change them

You taught them strength

You showed them comfort

You encouraged them

You grounded their faith

You gave them hope and courage to face what they must

I watched you, and I am in awe


Many people pass through our lives

Tiny stars making up the constellation of our lives

Each one affects us, changing who we are by their touch upon us

Some affect us more than others

Some burn brightly – making us laugh, cry, and rejoice

Some pulse steadily – comforting in their soothing presence

Some shine with an unvarying light – guiding our lives with their stable presence

Some glow with muted warmth – we might miss them if we didn’t pay attention

Your light has touched my soul

I have felt you and been changed

Thank you


In Memory

4 comments on “A Poem

  1. Minnie says:

    I remember this…such beautiful words of comfort to a grieving family. Once again, you are truly amazing!

  2. The Hook says:

    Beautiful words. They will bring peace to all who read them.

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