30 Days of Truth…Day 16 : Someone or something you definitely could live without.

The idea is to make a blog post each day for 30 days, using the prompts provided:

Day 16 : Someone or something you definitely could live without.

UH…..uh….uh…not caffeine, not sweets, not carbs,…….uh….uh…I have to come up with something here.

I could definitely live without negativity. I dislike it when great ideas are stomped on by negativity, or when simple dreams are side-railed by negative comments. I’m a can do, problem solving, kind of individual. Tell me it can’t be done, and I’m going to show you how to do it.

I could do without incessant, inane computer based training. Who decided that all this new fangled technology was a great way to teach people anything? What I’ve learned is how to press the ‘next’ button so I can get through my mandatory training as quickly as possible. This is not meeting the goals of anyone. And how many times do I need to hear a lecture/training on suicide? I mean I got it…watch out for your friends, but my parents taught me that, my teachers taught me that, my philosophy professor taught me that, my friends taught me that, my co-workers taught me that, and yet I’m still considered a newbie by my ‘boss’ and have to relearn it year in and year out. I mean…srsly? I can definitely do without computer based training.

Stop teaching me what I already know. You’re wasting my time!

Someone I could do without? Nope. All the people in my life, good and bad, have lessons I needed to learn.

So…what about you? Join me in the 30-Days of Truth Challenge? Answer the question in the comments…it’ll be fun!

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