Chapter 1: Thin Mints

This post is graphic in content with torture and non-consensual sex…do not read if you are easily offended.


The doorbell rang and I opened it. What beautiful children greeted me here. Two little girls, one in her priceless Brownie outfit holding hands with a girl in her green Girl Scout skirt. Their uniforms had been pressed and their little button badges sewn with loving care on their sashes. They were delicious.

I looked at them. “Well hello.” The grin on my face stretched from ear to ear. How I loved little girls. They are full of such promise.

I leaned forward and brushed a curl away from the Brownie’s face. Behind them, waiting protectively on the curb, a mother waited. I raised my hand and waved. She returned my gesture with one of her own. So friendly. I glanced at her beautiful children.

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