Learning to Breath ~~ Chapter One

Something old I wrote a long time ago….I’m thinking of bringing it back up for a revision.


This was a simple ballet, nothing more, nothing spectacular. No reason to be nervous. But her belly swirled with so much nervous energy she could run a flying circus with all that was going on in there.

Nerves didn’t belong here tonight, but tonight was a monumental step—for her. Going out alone was something she’d never done. Not a social creature, long nights with two, or maybe three chick-flicks, and a tub of popcorn, maybe a half a bottle of wine, was what she called a successful night out—or in, technically it was in.

Now, her husband on the other hand had been the social butterfly. He craved the pulse of the crowd and had that magnetic ability to pull everyone in a room around him, to rotate in orbit around him—the life of the party. She had merely been his satellite, present and accounted for, an integral part of his life, and by extension of being his lovely wife became a part of the party. Otherwise, she would have faded into the background. Continue reading