About Me

My goal is to become one of those rare people who can suspend reality for a moment and let a new world come to life. I want to be a writer.

It’s a difficult journey, frustrating most of the time. But if I try not to be a perfectionist I find it is quite enjoyable.

I have tons of characters arguing their cases, putting forth reasons why their story is the next great saga that should be told. I’ve listened to some, and penned their story to the page. To date I have three finished novels I can share with friends. An excursion into erotica has given me five more, but those shall never see this blog. If they ever get published it will not be with my name.

I have some orphan stories out there. I’m focused for Nanowrimo 2012 on resuscitating one of those stories. It’s a thriller and a romance all packaged into one heart stopping adventure. It’ll have torture, rape, depravity on one hand as the bad guy moves through the plot, but it’ll be balanced by our hero and heroine who discover love as they face this monster. So you probably don’t want your kids reading it! But enjoy it yourself nonetheless as my eager fingers type away at the keyboard breathing life into a new reality that you can escape into for a time.

And remember…the dark scary parts are not me…It’s that guy whispering in my head. The romance and the steamy parts, well I’ll let you wonder about those.


2 comments on “About Me

  1. eowarren says:

    Wow, a well written bit. I’m impressed.

  2. MzLoveViewz says:

    Plaudits, Plaudits, I ‘m standing in awe of you. I am inspired by the way you keep going after life soaring. Pushing yourself, improving on what the world would call good and yet you continue to abound. You imagaine fantasy and your life is what other people dream about. Awesome!

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