Coffee House

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Finding love has been more of a miss than a hit for Skye Summer. Most recently in the form of a two carat engagement ring and a boyfriend who never made it to fiance. All she wanted was to make it through the day, finish her shift in the emergency room, then she had three days carved out for a melt down. Only, she hadn’t counted on meeting a handsome stranger in her favorite coffee house.

Jase couldn’t believe the woman had the audacity to slapp some manners into him. The life of a rock star filled his life with people bent on meeting his every need and pleasing his every whim. It also created a bone numbing weariness and a hollowness he once filled with drugs and alcohol. Now clean, he ached to be complete.

When Skye and Jase’s worlds collide, they will cling to each other as each  seeks to fill the void within. But the truths they leave unspoken, and the past left unsaid, will either unite them or tear them apart forever.

One comment on “Coffee House

  1. Yeyeade says:

    Have you decided not to finish writing coffee house again, i see you’ve also taken it down from the blog.

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