Icarus Project Synopsis

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Zane McBride has a plan for Earth and none of it has to do with staying. He has vast wealth at his disposal, and if the governments of Earth aren’t going to do anything to change things, then he will just take matters into his own hands. He has a nation to build and only the best and the brightest will be recruited into his new country.

Zoe Lane graduated high school when she was twelve. She completed undergraduate school before her fifteenth birthday. Her first graduate degree was at sixteen. Her second at seventeen. Her first doctorate, finished before she hit nineteen and her second before she was legal to drink. Zoe was a genius with one glaring exception. She had no idea about men. Now, at twenty-nine, she is the preeminent expert in the fields of quantum physics, nanotechnology, and nuclear fusion. In one year, she’ll officially become a spinster, because despite all her accomplishments, she failed at one simple thing. Zoe was still a virgin.

When she meets the perfect man to solve this little problem she’s relieved and excited. When he kicks her out of his penthouse before the deed is complete, Zoe feels the sting of her first rejection. When she runs into her failed tryst months later, a man who needs her expertise in nuclear fusion to save his dream, will she leave him hanging or take a second chance?

3 comments on “Icarus Project Synopsis

  1. teresa says:

    I LOVE this! I would already buy this book if it was finished.
    I’m so glad you signed up for NaNoProgMo so that I could find you. I’m looking forward to making time to catch all the way up with your story. I’ve never had the wherewithall to post everything like this. What fun!

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